Interview mit Bill Youngman

Like always you should tell the crowd a little bit about yourself, age, other jobs, where you are from, any wifes in life ;) and so on and on and on, a short Bio about your life...

In a nutshell, I was born in New York city in 76 and hung around skateboarding until I fell in love with the guitar at around age 12. I studied jazz and classical guitar for many years. I went to school and then university for music production at 17. Like anyone else I worked many normal day jobs to support my music habit mostly to buy guitar stuff until I entered into doing electronic stuff...I currently live in berlin.

When was the first time you came into the electronic Music, I know you were playing Guitar in a Hardcore Band years ago? Where was that at and which Band?

It is very funny because where I was playing hardcore music, I found techno......when I was around 14 I went to a summer camp for ice hockey where I would meet a life-time friend named Rigg Ross (currently drummer in Madball). We came good friends through our love of metal and harcore and planned to meet after the summer. I lived around NYC and he more upstate. Our parents always drove us to meet on the weekends and we both played guitar...., but aftersome time he bought a drumkit and had natural ability.

We could pick up our instruments and jam for hours and very tight sounding. A small teen club in Brewster New York called the boarwalk had sunday hardcore shows in which we would soon start to perform at, but after the harcore shows they always had local djs playing techno. That was pretty much the first time that I was able to watch a dj and being so amazed at the sounds I knew I was destin to explore more into this crazy music.

Why the change?

Who has influenced you? I always loved harcore, and still do, but found it was always hard to get a good band together and I had my vision for what I wanted to do on my own with electronic stuff and you never have to rely on people to be on time for band practice:) It was a big change, but the electronic sounds inspired me so much that i felt refreshed to do music again with a clear head. So I guess my influences were unknown djs from the new york area who had the same vision i had.

I was never influenced by certain artists or types of music....I just absorbed what I had heard from time to time and my own sounds came out as I self taught myself ways to use electronic equipment. I still play guitar sometimes and want to bring it into my electronic stuff more in the future.

I'm learning more and more about this Section, I've noticed that the Americans are not the biggest Fans in electronic Music? Why is that?

I think it's hard to generalize by saying the Americans aren't fans of electronic music. They are many small scenes in the U.S. of all genres of music and many people who believe in what in they like, but yes the majority of people are very
influenced by what they hear and see on tv and radio and that makes electronic stuff not so accesible...a lot of American people have an ingnorant mentality that what is popular is cool......It's also a problem that having a party is so difficult there because the only media attentoion techno recieves is that of being drug music etc. so people are afraid to go to a club in fear that the police will come, but if this were not the case perhaps this would expose more to electronic sounds.There are a lot of fans hiding around from state to state, but in my experience most of the innovation and labels supporting the electronic scene happens in Europe.

I checked out your Homepage and I was reading about you living in Berlin, do you think it is the place to be for an Artist, Musician? And what do you think about the Scene there?

I really dig the Underground Scene wherever it is, it is some time ago that I was in Berlin and I've no idea any-more whats going on there now!?

Why do you think is it always Berlin the place to be for every fuckin Artist because I think there are plenty more cool places out here to be creative or make some good relaxed music....

Berlin is a fantastic place for an artist because it's not too ex-pensive and is a very free city. I find that people on the whole are very friendly and it's not as difficult to get people to hear your music and make good contacts with others in the city who are working from their hearts to get their creativity out there.

Bill would you do an Remix from the Punkrock Area or Country or other Stuff like that? Would you do that or do you think it is the End for this music, specially Punk for you or maybe Hardcore, because there are 1000 bands out there trying to play some cool music but they maybe never got the definition for themselves about good cool music they just play or sing without any feelings, I know it is a long question but specially me I am really into this theme because I'm coming from this scene maybe like you the old Hardcore-Freak?

I dont think any music comes to an end and still get very excited to hear good punk or hardcore. Especially with punk music there are soooo many bands that do play with feeling and from the heart, but it's not supposed to be popular music in the first place. As it is a rebellion against life, pain, or government sometimes it will always stay low budget music and that is the only reason to me that it stays so undergound. I dont think I would want to remix harcore stuff because I like the rawness that it is in the first place and having played in bands and still being a fan I like to keep the ideals of the music first priority.

Most of my hard-core friends think that techno is cheezy music, but they still respect me for dong what I feel and not just trying to make money or fame. I feel the same about them and their scene.In the end, a lot of bands are unknown because their is not enough money sometime to make big dis-tribution and with techno you have also many djs that play the records each week, so that is fast promotion for a dj.

Why Bill Youngman??? Is Bill your real name also???

Many people think that I made this name up.....they say hey thats a good techno name , but in fact Youngman is my real last name. You'll have to guess my real first name, but it's very close to Bill :-)

Does Mr.Youngman has any other hobbies except music? Are you maybe into some Art, if yes tell me about which kinda Art, I wanna know what you like or prefer???

Well, I love sculpture and building things. My father is a sculptor and painter so I had a lot of art around me when I was younger. I find it so relaxing to sit with a piece of stone and carve away. Pretty much anything to do with my hands creativly makes me happy and always need abreak from sitting around man made feels like a very unnatural life sometimes. But, when I`m really annoyed with making music and the gear is not working sometimes take it apart and look at a ll the components just for a laugh. I would love to get into making short films about every day life when I have some more time.

How do you feel if youre on stage? Try to explain your feeling? I saw lots of musicians, their Expression in their faces, their Passionate, I wanna know how you are feeling when you rock.What exactly is the kick?

Ohhh, I just love to be infront of the crowd. Ever since I was younger I would imitate sounds on the radio and try to sing and dance. I feel very confident and I believe so much in my art that I never give up a chance to be in front of people putting my sounds on the floor. Everytime I perform, no matter the style music or what type of people, I always try to do something better that I did before and I can feel the reaction a the crowd when I know Im putting my heart into my performance.

When and where have you met Neil Landstrumm and what have you guys done together? Are you still planning some more projects with him or was it just one experience?

Neil and I met for 1 minute at a record store in New York around 97. I asked him quickly for his address cause I knew he was doing his Scandinavia label. Sent himsome stuff and he felt good abut my music and wanted to release some. He moved to New York that same year for his own reasons and we started to collaborate. He`s back in Scottland now and the next record we have together was made there. We both have a great time wokring together and the ideas flow out very quickly....I get the same feeling working with him as I did back in my hardcore days when you have good little show and feel proud that you are trying to achieve your goals. It's also very refreshing to play off someone elses ideas as you start to open up your mind and act in another creative way you would never discover on your own.

Please tell us shortly 3 things you really like and 3 you absolutely dont like?

Like, sounds, cinema, eating.......dont like the feeling after a long night, ear pain, old milk. I cant tell you my otherlikes/dislikes here...maybe a bit too strange!

What do you think about the Music-Industry? Do you think they still help young people out theyve no money or Experience? I dont really know how that works for you DJ's and Producer? Which is your favorite DJ by the way, any more Idols?

Good question, because i think the music industry is a nightmare....the bigger you get, the more people want to take away from you. The nice thing about the techno scene is that we all have a small community of good labels and people running them that cater to special types of sub-genres of music.I like this for the fact that you know you sometimes you have an outlet to get your music out there with out dealing with too much stress.

The big industry and labels only look for what will sell and make them a lot of money of course as opposed to the electronic scene where you have at least more of a chance that someone will listen to your creations even if you have no name and experience. Im personally always excited to get a demo or just some ideas of someones sounds no matter who they are... whether it's good or not is sometimes just personal opinion, but if I had the means to realease a lot of unknown artist I would do.... a project for
the future.

Kill-Bill give us some Information about your latest Show/Work/Record and your plans for the future?

I have so many plans for the future and am constantly working on a lot to keep my soul pleased. The next records out are Youngman/ Landstrumm Punch Bagep on Leitmotiv records in Paris. I did an Aeox remix thats out soon, a track for Input output records compilation in Sweden and have one track out on the next Tresor compilation.I also do a side project of more chill sounds and electro under my alias Audible which contains my more melodic side...more influenced from my early guitar days. A few eps from this are in the works and by the end of the summer I would like to start my own label where in fact just put out music i enjoy from me and others that I believe the small electronic community might enjoy.I plan to do a guitar album too and maybe some funny harcore record with me doing all the instruments for my personal satisfaction. And playing live making and making techno tracks of course.

Do you think Men are the better DJ's???

Where was the craziest place you have ever been? It doesnt matter if it was a club, city, toilet...haha...or whatever....?

Sleeping in the same house with a supposed killer...but thats a story for next time :)

Last Words?

Was a pleasure....Bill! :)


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