Interview mit Neil Landstrumm

neil-landstrummNeil, thanx alot for taking some time for Kittyboom. I am really happy to do an interview with you. So lets start:

Please give us some Information about you, a little Bio you know, where you're born, where you live now, family, what kind of job youre doing except being an Artist and so on and on...

I was born in Scotland and I live in the capital Edinburgh after 5 years in New York. I run my company Scandinavia from there which comprises of both a record label, clothes label and motion graphics company. I am still also regularly playing live around the world as Neil Landstrumm and also releasing records on various international labels

Neil I got the chance to see you last week in Marburg, playing Live with Bill Youngman, it was awesome, really good, how often are you playing Live and how often with Bill?

I play live with Bill on little tours for 2 weekends  but also solo about every two weeks.

You know I told you that I don't have that much idea about Electro-Music, how big is the scene in Scotland?

The scene in Scotland is still going well with many regular club nights and several one off events and festivals. Scotland has always had a healthy scene right from 1989 with many of the worlds top artists playing in Scotland first in the UK. I guess Scots just have an early ear for good music. Clubs in Scotland adapt to the changes in the scene well embracing new talent and music genres bringing them into clubs.

Tell me about the greatest best Show you ever did and where was it?

Its so hard to single out " a best show". Most memorable for various reasons would be, the Loft Club,Lausanne where someone sprayed pepper spray in the crowd. Playing in the base of the Brooklyn Bridge.Playing in the desert in South Africa,parties being raided by armed cops with shotguns in France and the USA..  I have seeen a lot of crazy shit over the years playing parties

Do you think the Electro-Music will kinda go back to the Underground where it came from? The Partys arent that packed anymore like to the beginning of Techno, the huge hype is over, would you prefer it to play in little clubs just with some people, or do you love to be "the hero" I don't mean it bad, if there are plenty of people shouting your name?

I think electro music will always be there, just like any other kind of late night music genre. For sure the big hype is over from the 90s but it will come round again probably in another 10 years,. Always does, Music goes round in circles. Even now the smaller parties are more interesting. I never got that involved with a the big cheesy raves and parties so I don't feel their loss. Smaller parties haven more atmosphere anways. There are still plenty of people shouting my name. When you add them up for all over the world they would make themselves heard I am sure. That's the thing with music... it's a world thing... Fans get in touch from the most unlikely countries and that's what keeps it interesting. The further east you got the more fresh the music seems where as the west has reached saturation point with it.

You told me that youre 30 years now, what do you think about how long you can do that? Travel around the world, making music for everyone, I mean for sure its stressful sometimes, I am sure you wish yourself sometimes just staying Home, being with your wife and family, then you've to leave again in another country, is it really hard to do that?

I have been producing music and gigging for 11 years now. Sometimes it seems like more.  Travelling does get tiring but then just take a rest from it for a while. Its tempting just to keep accepting the gigs though as that's really where you earn a living. In fact I will probably take some time off gigging for a while and concentrate on studio time again.

Lots of DJ's I've heard from coming in a kinda depression, I`ve no idea why but they stop playing or making music, why is that?

I know what you mean and I think I have had those symptoms at one time. Music ends up taking over your life when you are in it 24/7.. It becomes hard to judge it and stay objective after a while and it all sounds the same. You get bored of it. After a hard weekend Djing you don't really want to get  up on a Monday and start making techno tracks again and if you do they tend to be fairly crap[py with little passion or energy. I took a break for a couple of years but kept up my live shows. I didn't want to just release average music without real passion so I took a break and let my ears relax and open up to new sounds and influences

How about a family Neil, I know youre married, how about some kids? Do you think about getting kids someday?

Yep married. Kids in future for sure.

Do you have any Idols?

Idols no, Artists I look up for sure. I think BBC Radio 1s John Peel made a massive impact on my career. He died last year which was very sad.

What is Neil Landstrumm doing when he is not producing or thinking about music? Any other hobbies?

Well I a really into outdoor activities. Mountain Biking, Fishing , Camping. I like working on vehicles. I have an old Toyota Land Cruiser that I restored and enjoy driving in the forests. I am either into things that totally relax you or energize you.

I know you lived some years in New York, the USA are so different, I can say that after a lot visits in the USA, people are so different to us Europeans, what do you think makes it so different to us? Specially the Music-Thing?

I think people in the US are different in many ways but similar in more ways. Good music is good music reguardless. Certainly with hip hop the US does idolize money and commercialism above all else which isn't very attractive. The US has give the world many great artists and genres of music  which come from poor cities and scenes.

Ok like always:
3 Things you hate and 3 Things you love.....

Hate: backstabbing people, bad drivers,  getting caught
Love: having nothing to do, travelling, friends

Next Record?

Neil Landstrumm-Life Of Grime E.P. Scan-23 Scandinavia Recs.

Tell me about your Feelings when youre playing Live, when youre in front of the Crowd?

Its either going well or its not. Love it, hate it.

What else are you listening to except Techno?

I listen to all kinds of music. Rock, Hip hop, dub reggae, acid, jazz, everything and anything. I like listening to the radio a lot.

Alright Neil that's it, it was really nice meeting you the other day, I had fun, I hope my English wasn't tooo bad, I am glad we met, so I will find out more and more about Producers, DJ's from allover the World. Thanx a lot and good luck for the future...




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