Alright Boys, I am really really happy to get the chance to do this Interview with you guys. Im surely a big Fan of your Dads so its very special for me.

Lets do this:

First give us a short Bio about your Lifes, Age, where have you grown up, school, Jobs.

James grew up in London, Andy grew up in many different places. We've had many different small jobs. Andy has worked in pubs round London, also a Michelin star restaurant in Devon. James worked in off licenses, as a runner on film sets and as a waiter. We are both in our mid twenties and have been playing in bands with each over the past 7 years!


How long do you guys know eachother?

A long time. Since we were kids


When have you started with „Youthkills“?

It all started when we wanted to put on Nights in London under a different name, we liked the idea of opening up our creativity by not only doing the band but also Djing, remixes and clubnights for our mates and other friends in bands. From doing this we ended up starting our own 'scene' at a clubnight in shoreditch called catch. And out of this initial Idea a new band formed called 'Youthkills'.


Lets talk about Lyrics, who is writing the Songs? Where do the influences come from?

We share song writing ideas, and we spark ideas off one another, for example with TIME IS NOW Andy had this verse idea but without a chorus. James had been to paris and been inspired by a poster in the street, he had this chorus idea in his head, after meeting in London we realised that both ideas fit perfectly. The funny thing is we were singing about the same thing!


You guys are living in London, the city to be? What do you think?

We love London, it has such a rich musical history and its where we paved our way as musicians. Its a hard and completive place to try and form a band. But because of this i think it forces you to become bigger and better.


You did alot of Remixes, tell us a little bit about it and about your 1. Album, when is the release-date and what will it be? Lots of Emotions?

The album covers a lot of ground, we are very proud of it. The key themes are love, despair, madness, euphoria and everything else that comes with growing up. Theres a lot of experimentation with soundscaping also vintage synths, chiming guitars and soaring vocals. The album is due out in Autumn in Germany.


The Video „Time is now“ is your Debütvideo, you did it autonomously. Its so sensitive, so powerful, what was the basic idea of it?

We wanted the video to symbolise youth culture, and try to express some of the emotional aspects of growing up in an uncertain future, but we hope people feel a strong sense of nostalgia from the video and I think we delivered that. Youve produced with Xenomania ( Franz Ferdinand, Pet Shop Boys), Flood (Depeche Mode, U2, The Killers), Nick Coler ( u.a. The KLF, Sugababes), Jaxon Bellina (2raumwohnung, Moguai, Kylie Minogue) und Chris Potter (The Verve). We were just lucky enough for these people to take a strong interest in our music, and they've all played a big part in helping us find our sound. Working with Flood was a dream come true for us as he produced some of our favourite albums of all time. I think you can hear his influence in our music.


How about Touring? Where have you been already? Germany, what is your favorite city over here?

We've playing a lot in Germany, also played in Bratislava and the Czech republic. Germany is full of beautiful cities and it would be difficult for us to choose our favourite!


The Shows, lets talk about it shortly, what can we expect from a Live Show of Youthkills?

The live show is Loud and full of energy, we put everything into every show. So you can expect a lot coming off the stage. Live is where our songs come to life so we have always been big fans of going out and touring.


I am really really curious about Youthkills on stage, so yeah, come to Munich and I will be there. Thank you so much for your time and all the best and good luck with your first Album.

Thank you Astra






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