Interview with Joaquin / New York

First Joaquin tell us a little bit about yourself, like your age, where youre born, grew up, brothers or sisters, wife, where you live right now, what youredoing for work and so on and on...


Well, i'm 24.... born in mendoza, Argentina. My mom is originally from Italy, and my dad from Spain, so in the early years of my childhood, i was no more than six i think, my parents and my brother and i went to live in italy and then spain then back to italy and back to spain.... lots of moving having to do with whether my parents were together at the time or not. Anyway, at 12 i returned to argentina only going to europe for short periods to visit one or the other parent living there at the time. Most of my travels now were to Brazil and chile... or exploring argentina on foot and hitchhiking.  traveling and exploring became really important.

At 17, i applied for and won a full scholarship at UNSJ, in san juan, argentina, to study astromonomy. I was there for 3 years, but before i could finish outmy degree, i lost my scholarship when the university turned private as the government and especially the economic situation in argentina got screwed by I.M.F.(international money fund). Since my family had moved to nyc while i had been in school, i came to nyc to be with them and see where the rest of my life would take me. I ve been sleeping in brooklyn and living life out in the lower east side/soho/the rest of the village, nyc, ever since.

As for work, well.... first year, i was a flyer guy. Yup, that guy that hands you a piece of paper that you don't give a crap about and throw on the floor. It sucked.... but it was great, i met so many cool people, like my agent george for example, and a bunch of other artists. I'm no longer freezing my ass on the street now, actually managing a cell phone store... but it's just mindless daily grind to pay the bills...

When was the first time Art impressed you and what was it? A photo, book, something on TV or a movie?

Back in argentina, my cousin with whom i grew up, rodrigo is a musician, and his mom, my aunt, runs an art gallery. Rodrigo would always play at his mom's gallery openings, and i'd come along.  I was exposed to lots of mendozian artists, not famous artists, but artists influenced by tango, by the life in argentina, and they were really great. But, the time when i saw my first paul klee exhibition, i was really blown away.

Please Joaquin give us some information about your latest work and what does the future hold for you?

Hmm.... my latest work i a little different, or rather, evolved, from the stuff i'd been doing earlier... it's more focused than ever on the state of chaos of a human exploring the facets of solitude and sadness... as for the future, who knows?

Can you tell us how often youre drawing, I mean like mostly every day or what?

I draw pretty much every night... usually i'm tired but can't sleep, and my brain feels the need to creatively "throw up"... so i sometimes work on
several pieces, as much as 3 or 4, in one night...

How is the Art-Scene in New York by the way?

There are so many levels of 'art scene' in ny.. I mean, there are great local artists exhibiting at small art spaces/bars in williamsburg or many various
underground not well known spaces around the city... then on another level you have the more 'sophisticated' art galleries in soho... and then the artists who've really made it big that you can check out at M.O.M.A. .. nyc really cares about art, and it's easier to do or see stuff here, as compared to say, south america....

So youre making good money with your Art or are you working another job also to stay alive?

Starving artist doing mindless work to pay bills. See above. As for the future, time will tell....

Tell me what is inspire you mostly when youre start to draw a new picture?

The feeling of the moment... lots of times, coming back from bars or music underground shows, or coming back from checking out galleries....

How long have you worked on your longest drawing?

Years.... there's this huge piece i have, i started about a year and a half ago, and it's still not finished yet... i find myself adding to it about every
six months or so...

I know from some people they were freaking out sometimes when they were drawing like they cant do that anylonger, have you ever felt like that?

Yeah, just recently....

If you would have to pick three artists, it doesn't matter what they are or were doing, which ones would be your favorite ever?

Well, the question is really limiting, it's so hard to pick and my tastes change every second... i mean, for the moment, i've been inspired and look up to paul klee, hundertwasser,  or miro... but there are lots of other little known artists... and then there's always astor piazolla

Ok for you same like for everyone else: 3 things you love: 3 things you hate?

Love: communication without talking - visual art, muic, sex (or feeling really connected to another person);  psycology - investigating motivation for the way people feel and think;  passionate people

hate: it's a state of limitation too... if i will hate something, i will hate myself... there are things I don't like, but 'hate' is too strong a word.  so, 3
things i don't like/can't stand  physical  abuse of animals or people;  political/social inequality leading to oppression;  warm beer

How about Music Joaquin, which Music inspire you when youre drawing, tell me a little bit about Music, which Bands you like and what you are feeling when youre listening to your favorite bands, or singer or whatever...

When i'm drawing, astor piazolla (tango) to classical to punk rock (like the misfits or exploiters) to things like sumo or rob zombie... music for is me a tool, like my brushes or my oil, and every different style is like a kind of brush... punk to do something really colorful, classical to do something deep....

After the 11.of September are there any changes for you and your Art?


Have you ever been to Europe yet? Or outside the USA to show people your Art?

Well, my friends in south america and europe have seen pictures i sent them of my art....

What was your favorite moment in your life?

Anytime i travel to a new place and meet new people...

Wow..., I really like your Art and I am glad we found this way, hope to hear more from you in the near future... Keep up the good work and thanx so much Joaquin!



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