Anna Malmberg

Interview with Anna Malmberg / Photographer

Ahoi Anna, welcome on Kittyboom.

-Thank you!

Could you tell us a short Biographie about you ? Where do you live, how old you are and some more ?

-I'm 28 and I grew up in an arty family in Sundsvall, Sweden. I moved to Stockholm 10 years ago to study photography.

When was the first time you got into Photography and what was the first camera you got?

-I was 14 years old and my dad brought home all the equipment required to build a darkroom at home and I realized that this was my passion. I have had a lot of different analogue cameras, but I don't really remember which one was the first I got.

Please tell me about your Work? What do you prefer to shoot and what kind of stuff?

-I'm really romantic and that often appears in my pictures but quite often with a touch of something weird. Abandoned houses is also one of my passions and I always look for old places to shoot.

How about booking you? Is it hard to get free dates? Do you have a lot of Clients?

-I'm a freelancer and you can contact me directly. I often have a lots of things to do but I'm always open for new challenges!

What was the most spectacular shooting for you? And which was kinda the worst ?

-The most spectacular shooting was probably the one I did a year ago for the Taiwan Design brand Yantouch. We had to do their first advertisement but we got free hands. So we both shot and filmed in a castle we rented outside Stockholm. It was full of fantasies and spooky feelings at the same time.

It brought me to Taiwan where I had a photo exhibition in May 2009.

The worst one was probably the one I did yesterday for a small designer for her autumn cloth collection.
The crew and I spent more than 18 hours in a abandon hotel without any windows and it was about -15 degrees. It was really cold as you can imagine!!!

Is it easier to work with Women or Men
? I ask because I prefer to shoot Men, I am just doing that for Hobby but yes ist easier with Men.

-I think personally that it's easier to shoot women. But it's probably just because I mostly use them in my work.

Can you tell us about the Shootings, do you search the Places to shoot or do you get a Job and then youve to go there and shoot?

-I always find the places by myself.

How about Kids, do you shoot Kids-Stuff too?

-Sometimes. I use to shoot a 6 years old girl I know called Klarafina. My idea is to follow her during a long time and maybe do a book in the future.

What are the Plans for your Future?

-My plans are to do more exhibitions and also hopefully do some books sometime.

Last Question ( I am always interested in) Which kind of music do you like and what is for you the best inspiration?

-I love music and I listen to it quiet all the time. I have a passion for female rock musicians like Courtney Love and Patti Smith etc.

But I mostly get inspiration with classical music like Dustin O'Halloran and Elvium etc.

I love to listen to classic piano music in the morning, I think I got that from my mum! I hated it when she was playing that when I was a teenager though!!!

Anna, thank you very much for taking Time for Kittyboom. I am glad to have you here on Board and I hope to see lots more of your Work soon. Love it.




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